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August 28, 2015 | Wine News

Barrel Conditioned Coffee

In collaboration with Joebella Coffee Roasters, welcome to the first socially acceptable way to get your wine fix before 8am 

Green (unroasted) coffee beans are very porous, and will rapidly absorb the scents and characteristics that surround them. Historically, importers saw this as a risky trait, as their coffee could absorb unwanted characteristics from everything they came into contact with prior to roasting. However, as resident geeks of anything barrel aged or fermented, we saw this as an opportunity to create something truly unique.

We became interested in experimenting with unroasted coffee beans and red wine barrels to see how the two would interact. We found an engaged and equally excited partner in the roasters at JOEBELLA Coffee Roasters in Atascadero and started the experiments in late 2014. From that point on, we have worked with JOEBELLA to create over 30 blends of bean and barrel, each featuring beans with different origins and barrels used to age our favorite red wines. 

Each combination of bean and barrel creates a flavor profile that preserves the integrity of the coffee while adding a hint of fruit, oak, spice and other flavor characteristics present in wine. We like to think that we have created the perfect marriage between two of our favorite things, and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we have.

If you are curious about the process and what combination of bean and barrel makes up your specific batch, brew a cup and keep reading!   


NINER Barrels being steam-cleaned at the winery

Green, unroasted coffee beans at Joebella

Where all the magic happens: all coffee is small-batch roasted in this machine 

Dumping the freshly roasted beans into this bin, where the turning arm will help rapidly cool them

The finished product!

THE Batches

On the back of each bottle of Barrel Conditioned Coffee is a batch number. To see exactly what the bean and barrel combination is for your specific batch, match your batch number with the list below.

Coffee Origin / Barrel

Batch #28: Ethiopia Natural / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel
Batch #27: Costa Rica 
Batch #26: Ethiopia Natural / Sangiovese
Batch #25: Ethiopia Natural / Merlot
Batch #24: D.R. Congo / Petit Verdot Barrel
Batch #23: East Timor / Cabernet Sauvignon
Batch #22: Ethiopia Natural / Grenache Barrel
Batch #21: Guatemala / Bordeaux Barrel
Batch #20: Peru / Bordeaux Barrel
Batch #19: Honduras / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel
Batch #18: Flores / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel
Batch #17: Honduras / Syrah Barrel
Batch #16: Guatemala / Grenache Barrel
Batch #15: Guatemala / Grenache Barrel
Batch #14: Nicaragua / Malbec Barrel
Batch #13: Nicaragua / Malbec Barrel
Batch #12: Colombia / Barbera Barrel
Batch #11: Bolivia / Cabernet Franc Barrel
Batch #10: Flores / Syrah Barrel
Batch #9: Columbia / Syrah Barrel
Batch #8: Flores / Pinot Noir Barrel
Batch #7: Mexico / Barbera Barrel
Batch #6: Ethiopia Natural / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel
Batch #5: Ethiopia Natural / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel
Batch #4: Columbia / Carmenere Barrel
 Batch #3: Rwanda / Sangiovese Barrel
Batch #2: Nicaragua / Sangiovese Barrel
Batch #1: Ethiopia Natural / Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel



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