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March 31, 2020 | News Restaurant

Shallot Jam Recipe

Our famous shallot jam has been a staple on our cheeseboard at the tasting room and restaurant for years. It’s a labor and time-intensive condiment: use low heat and take your time for each step. 

Recipe for the home cook follows (Yields 1.5 cups):

1 TBSP oil
½ lb shallots (5-7 shallots depending on size)
½ TBSP salt
1 cup red wine
½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar 

Thinly slice the shallots. Add oil to your pan and place over low heat. Sauté shallots with salt until they’re translucent (about 15 minutes).

Add wine, then your sugars and stir to combine. This is where the time comes in: you’ll need to reduce it until it begins to thicken. Over low heat, this can take up to an hour so be patient. 

Once reduced, chill overnight. We serve ours alongside cheese and charcuterie, but you can use endlessly in your kitchen (burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and the like would all benefit from a dollop).

You can use the jam immediately, but the flavors and texture will continue to improve with an overnight chill in the fridge. It will keep up to a month in a sealed container in the fridge.

A note from the Chef For additional flavors, fold in parsley, tarragon or citrus zest after it has cooled. Spices would also be welcome: the French are partial to cloves and bay laurel together; Italians like nutmeg with bay laurel. Fennel, cumin, star anise, ginger, touch of chili would also work. In cultures where spices are a part of cuisine, you almost never see spices used alone - partner them with others to build your flavor palate!

Our cheeseboard, complete with Crostini, Cheese, salami, shallot jam, tapenade, mustard, marcona almonds and rosemary


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